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Alta Shipping Brokers S.L

ALTA was established in the summer of 2008, by means of a Management Buy-out, by a group of professional and experienced shipbrokers from the previous company ALTA SHIPPING S.A., which was originally composed by a hard core of a few enthusiastic brokers under the umbrella of ‘TAPIAS GROUP’ back in 1992. Thereafter in 2004, the major shipping tanker group ‘TEEKAY’ took over 50pct of its shares, and four years later the ‘MBO’ took place.

Among many other friends, we are all deeply thankful to these two major shipping groups for their kind understanding and the support they provided in order to facilitate the take over by the brokers.

Through the years we have developed a world-wide network of friends, Ship-Owners, operators, shipyards, charterers, agents, banking and financial institutions based in many countries all around the globe, but at the same time maintaining as our natural target the Spanish speaking countries and clients.

In practice ALTA is split into two major departments, taking care of Tanker and LNG Chartering on one side, being officially on the broking panels of REPSOL and CEPSA (Tanker Chartering), STREAM, UNION FENOSA GAS, ENDESA and IBERDROLA (LNG Chartering), and all other broking shipping departments on the other side.

We have been lucky enough to conclude and mediate in many shipping contracts and deals with a number of major as well as small companies and clients, and we all feel very proud of this achievement.